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Potential & Opportunities

An Giang realizes targets on socio-economic development for five years (05/10/2021)


An Giang is determined to well implement the program of connecting supply and demand, support the consumption of agricultural products (20/09/2021)


An Giang convert nearly 34,100 hectares of inefficient rice land to vegetables, crops and fruit trees (20/09/2021)


Implementing the National Strategy on Research, Development and Application of Artificial Intelligence to 2030 (10/06/2021)


The Women's Union of An Giang province formed an association to sharpen bamboo chopsticks (26/05/2021)


An Giang strives to reform administration and improves the investment environment (26/05/2021)


An Giang strives to have 8 more OCOP certified products at provincial level from 3 to 4 stars by the end of 2021 (26/05/2021)


Preserving and promoting Lanh My A weaving craft in Silk Country - Tan Chau (05/05/2021)


An Giang develops and improves OCOP products (07/04/2021)


Chau Doc city promotes the implementation of the project "Electronic An Giang" (29/03/2021)


Brand development program for 15 agricultural products in the period of 2021-2026 and a vision to 2030 in An Giang province (29/03/2021)


Cho Moi is determined to develop the economy and society, successfully implementing the Resolution in 2021 (16/03/2021)


Chau Thanh women develop economically, reduce poverty sustainably (16/03/2021)


Evaluation and classification of OCOP products in Tinh Bien district in 2021 (26/01/2021)


Chau Thanh has effectively performed the dual task of preventing epidemics and ensuring economic development (26/01/2021)


Socio-economic development in 2021: Departments, branches and localities have to make good use of opportunities and actively overcome challenges for sustainable socio-economic ... (12/01/2021)


Industrialization of agribusiness - Perspective from OCOP (24/12/2020)


An Giang Department of Education and Training and An Giang VNPT signed a cooperation agreement on the application of information technology and digitalization in the education sector (21/12/2020)


The Mekong River Delta has the 3rd largest number of One commune - One Product (OCOP) products in the country (24/11/2020)


Signing of cooperation to strengthen management and development of Internet resources in An Giang province (02/11/2020)