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Ngày đăng: 20/02/2019

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An Giang province has an area of 33536.76 km2, with a population of 2149184 persons (in 2009), including 8 districts, 2 towns, 1 city.The education system of An Giang is relatively completely from pre-school, primary, secondary, high school and vocational training… The province now has 400 primary schools, 143 junior high schools, 56 senior high schools (public school, semi-public and 2 private schools).

In the recent years, with the awareness of the role of information technology, the Department of Education and Training has been determined to executive the school computerization program by computer equipment for senior high schools, developing software itself for finance management, personnel, examination, and contribution in heightening the effectiveness of management.

The organizing of teaching and learning information technology has been implemented with sub-section program, basic of information technology, the contest of junior and senior high school information technology technician. There are 18.000 pupils awarded the certificates of completion of vocational training on information technology a year. The rate of best pupils is relatively greater than that of the Cuu Long River delta.

Every year, the Department of Education and Training has plan for assignment teacher of information technology to be trained, there have 112 teachers graduated from the college of information technology.

Almost public senior high schools and some semi-public schools have been equipped with the computers. Now 54 senior high schools have been connected to the internet with the access code of 1260 and 1269, but the exploitation of information is still limited because there hasn’t a financial norm yet.

However, the application of information technology in the province’s schools has many difficulties as follow:

- The awareness: management officials of some senior high schools have not awoken to the role of information technology in enhancing the quality of training. Mostly schools just consider teaching vocational information technology to help pupils with the high-school finals. Teachers have not been considered to the teaching software yet.

- The information technology qualifications of the teachers are limited. The whole province has only 106 graduated teachers of information technology and 310 teachers having been given a refresher course of 180 classes program of the Ministry of Education and Training. There is not enough teacher of information technology.

- The material facilities: now the whole province equipped 1.495 computers for schools, from the primary school (591 computers) to high school (904 computers) with diversified configuration from 586 to Intel Celeron. At the end of 2005, the high schools were equipped with 340 computers of Intel Celeron 2,4Ghz. The profession has not had a Wide Area Network (WAN) yet.

- The teaching software has not equipped yet.

Besides, some other limitations are:

+ The coordination of teachers of other subjects and information technology teachers is not effectively.

+ The teachers have to undertake lot of teaching-classes and lack of time for doing research and implement the application.
+ Lack of favourable treatment for software developers.
+ Many schools use computer to supersede the typewriter only.